OOH Yes brings fresh approach to outdoor media planning

OOH Yes launch party

Outdoor advertising. A medium that grants brands the license to reach and engage potential customers as they go about their daily activities. A medium that cannot be turned off, switched over or blocked. A medium that, thanks to the mobile revolution, is connected, interactive and engaging.

With the average Brit spending 25% more time outdoors compared to a decade ago, and 98% of the UK population reached every week by out-of-home advertising, we believe it’s time the outdoor market was made more flexible, targeted and cost-efficient for the scores of start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs who feel squeezed out of the equation by concerns over price and performance.

Introducing OOH Yes, the UK’s new independent specialist in bespoke outdoor advertising solutions that cut through the noise to deliver incisive, brand-defining results.

Founded by George Rossides – a man with 17-years of experience in managing high profile accounts for the likes of 888.com, trainline.com and lastminute.com from his time at TDI, Viacom, CBS, Exterion – OOH Yes emerged from a growing frustration towards the pre-existing methods of buying and planning out-of-home media campaigns. George recognised the need for greater targeting, cross-platform integration and creativity; the need for fresh thinking in an industry that has evolved considerably over the past decade. His mission: to change the way out-of-home campaigns are planned.

The need to re-think outdoor planning

Why the need for change? With digital out-of-home (DOOH) now one of the fastest growing mediums globally, and estimates suggesting a 40% growth in the number of DOOH sites by 2020 in the UK alone, it’s time for the outdoor industry to re-think the way it plans. The rise of digital has in turn revolutionised outdoor’s capabilities: it’s made the medium more responsive, engaging, flexible and integrated.

OOH Yes wants to harness this technological evolution, and elevate brand stature through smarter planning. We’re the bridge between initial ambition and the realisation of key business objectives, irrespective of marketing budget and company size. We passionately believe in bringing the opportunities fostered by out-of-home’s considerable power to more businesses than ever before, individually tailoring strategies that accommodate the full gamut of creative formats: from taxis, buses and the Tube, through to roadside billboards and ambient media.

Independent, innovative and hands-on

With offices currently situated in London, OOH Yes can make the difference on a local, national and international scale. Our independent spirit, zest for innovation and cutting-edge behavioural insight tools are all combined with a uniquely hands-on approach to account management, meaning each one of our clients is treated with the respect and dedication they deserve. But don’t take our word for it: why not put us to the test, and discover how OOH Yes can effectively connect your brand with the right audience.

Commenting on the incorporation of OOH Yes, Rossides said: “There’s never been a better time to bring a new specialist in OOH to the market. The outdoor industry has changed significantly over the last decade in concurrence with digital’s rise; the options now available to advertisers being more responsive, immersive and personalised than ever before.

Yet despite this, planning remains stuck in the past. OOH Yes brings a fresh, modern approach to the process of planning and buying bespoke outdoor campaigns, harnessing the latest behavioural trends and technological advancements to deliver genuine added value.”

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