Electroneum drives mass awareness with ground-breaking digital OOH campaign

Electroneum Clapham Outdoor

OOH Yes is delighted to announce the ground-breaking launch of a digital out-of-home campaign from Electroneum, the revolutionary mobile cryptocurrency.

To fuel Electroneum’s continued growth, the outdoor push was launched in support of a new Initial Coin Offering (ICO) token sale aimed at bringing the product to mass market. The targeted strategy, planned and delivered in partnership with media planning agency Guerillascope, has been carefully constructed to reach key commuter audiences as they travel to and from work in some of the capital’s busiest locations.

Sold by Kong Outdoor, the ‘London Lites’ pack encompasses 16 high quality, large format screens across London, including sites at Clapham Junction Station, Shoreditch High Street, Grays Inn Road and Kingston.

Electroneum Outdoor Creative

In a notable first for the media industry, the campaign was planned, bought and paid for in cryptocurrency; a mark of the faith all involved parties have in the future of digital assets. This faith is well-founded.

Electroneum is blazing a trail in the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. Jostling for space alongside the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, its exploding popularity can be attributed to the simplicity of its mining process. With the aid of a supremely easy-to-use app, smartphone owners can transact funds to their digital wallets with unprecedented security and speed.

With no technical knowledge or high-powered computing equipment required, Electroneum grants both first-time users and seasoned investors the freedom to explore the exciting possibilities of the digital currency on their own terms.

The digital OOH campaign also serves as a demonstration of the evolving capacity for out-of-home planning agencies to flexibly deliver bespoke digital strategies in real-time, with static adverts tactically displaying every minute across the sites. The centrepiece of the promotional activity, a full-motion digital creative displayed at Clapham Junction, exemplifies the significant strides made within the outdoor market in terms of creative engagement. All assets were delivered remotely to the designated sites, and precisely targeted at the people central to the campaign brief with near-instant speed.

The cryptocurrency and media spheres have collided; the long-term impact promises to be truly electrifying.

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