5 reasons why DOOH advertising can ignite your brand

A recent report has exposed a record-breaking first half of 2017 for the UK advertising industry, with the digital out-of-home market experiencing a 30.4% increase in Q2 alone. Indeed, with 54% of all advertising spend attributable to online and DOOH, it’s becoming abundantly clear that this is an environment where the fundamentals of innovation and creativity are creating unique opportunities.

Indeed, driven by both a decrease in the prices of sites and screens, and the growing ease with which campaigns can be planned, digital out-of-home’s widening accessibility is transforming the fortunes of start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Here’s five reasons why it’s time to bring DOOH into your media mix.

Context and immediacy to the fore

For brands on tighter budgets, cost-efficiency is pivotal to an effective strategy. DOOH caters for this need, granting advertisers bespoke opportunities to target specific geographical areas, times of the year and times of the day with precision and accountability. Contextually relevant messages served in busy areas are particularly effective in cutting through the noise of your typically saturated media day. Have a new range of sun lotion you want to promote? Time your activity to go out on summer days when temperatures are sizzling! Keen to reach city professionals? Target your ads during the AM or PM Commuter hours. Talk to OOH Yes to find out more about DOOH media packages.

Transparency and security guaranteed

Concerns around ad fraud, blockers and a lack of transparency continue to blight the online advertising sphere. No such problems exist with DOOH, however. With digital out-of-home, your brand is free from spam, fraudulent activity and the threat of ad skipping. It elevates brand stature in both local communities and bustling city centres. Not only are potential customers unable to avoid you; often, they want to actively engage. Which leads us nicely on to our next point…

DOOH is a point-of-sale medium

Digital out-of-home advertising is replacing the traditional shop window as a point-of-sale. With over 70% of UK adults aged 16+ now in ownership of a smartphone, DOOH campaigns deliver an eye-catching portal into a brand’s online universe, with compelling calls-to-action, promotional codes and copy effective in enticing consumers to explore your product or service in greater detail. The interconnectivity with mobile marketing positions advertisers to convert sales from anywhere, and at any time.

Agile planning for a new breed of brand

For nimble brands navigating the saturated, choppy waters of the 21st century media landscape, the ability to change course quickly and serenely is crucial. Digital out-of-home facilitates this, with changes to a strategy actionable instantly. This means brands can access new opportunities and deals without breaking a sweat, and optimise plans as live performance insights come in. Ultimately, DOOH’s agility saves advertisers time and money in a climate where both are at a premium.

DOOH combines effectively with other medias

Finally, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that digital out-of-home serves as a vital cog in the multichannel machine, combining effectively with other medias such as TV and radio to reinforce and amplify key marketing messages. DOOH is particularly proficient in reaching lighter television viewers, for example, with young adults and full-time workers just two of the audience groups that suddenly become more accessible.

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