Heighten Accountants reach out to SMEs with tactical OOH campaign

Heighten Accountants, a London-based accountancy firm, has launched its first OOH campaign with OOhyes.  Tasked with raising brand awareness in local areas, the out-of-home strategy encompasses a range of messaging deployed on buses, the Tube and at rail stations in close proximity to company branches.  Heighten Accountants specialise in supporting small businesses during times of economic hardship.[…]

CLIC Sargent partners with OOhyes to drive awareness for World Cancer Day

OOhyes is thrilled to share the launch of a new OOH campaign from CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading charity for young cancer patients and their families. The campaign is scheduled to cover February 4th – World Cancer Day – with the charity aiming to raise mass awareness and drive donations so that children, young adults[…]

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