The power of outdoor advertising can be harnessed with a wider range of budgets and by more businesses than ever before. Here, we look at the complexion of this brighter shade of OOH, and how it’s made digital out-of-home more effective for SMEs, entrepreneurs, agencies and marketing managers.

Outdoor has always had its distinct strengths, of course. From penetrating the heart of local communities to engaging commuters as they move through bustling city centres: out-of-home advertising engages people on a level that rivals the audio-visual world of TV and cinema advertising.

Yet, with the age of mobile now central to way we interact with the world around us, its ever-increasing influence on the outdoor market has driven the evolution of digital out-of-home campaigns that grant advertisers greater integration, responsiveness and engagement. With 75% of UK inhabitants now smartphone users, mobile technology has transformed DOOH into a point-of-sale medium that offers exceptional coverage; brands can now reach 98% of the adult population and drive it online with promo codes, creative calls-to-action and apps from anywhere, and at any time. With the average Brit seeing 71 outdoor ads over the course of the 3 hours 10 minutes they spend outside every day, this is a huge opportunity for businesses.

Mobile Outdoor

Mobile technology has enabled audiences to connect any where, any time.

And it’s one that no longer requires a huge budget to see a tangible return on investment. See, whilst digital technology has exploded the possibilities available to advertisers from a creative standpoint, it’s also transformed the strategies out-of-home agencies can develop on tighter spends.

It’s introduced a smarter way of planning; a targeted, flexible and performance-driven approach to securing value for brands with smaller budgets. Planners can now leverage consumer insights to pinpoint localities of particular promise for specific business models. They can now optimise different creatives and formats around real-time data, and amend strategies with unprecedented agility and speed to make the most out of new opportunities.

It’s within the areas of creative engagement and smarter planning that digital’s influence on out-of-home advertising forms the crux of the upcoming event, A Brighter Shade of OOH: How digital technology is bringing a fresh approach to the planning of smarter, more engaging out-of-home campaigns.

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