OOH Yes has recently had the pleasure of working on the traditional and digital OOH advertising activity for resurgent sportswear retailer Ellesse; a challenge that ultimately demonstrates the flexibility now available to brands harnessing the power of digital outdoor.

The campaign, developed around the core objective of reaching fans attending this year’s Wimbledon tennis, used a combination of traditional and digital OOH formats to engage people travelling to the tournament and those in close proximity to the All England Club.

Working closely with Kong Media, OOH Yes planned a bespoke and targeted strategy that encompassed ‘Streettalk’ phoneboxes, bus shelters and rail interchanges on route to the venue. At the heart of the campaign was Ellesse’s sponsorship of British tennis player Dan Evans. However, little did we know that, just hours after the launch of the campaign, Evans was forced to pull out of Wimbledon. Disaster!

Well, no, actually. A mere 5-hours after the revelation was made, we had swapped the creative framework of the entire campaign to another British tennis star, Cameron Norrie. Zero fuss, zero downtime, and a happy client.

Our ability to turn on a sixpence and completely change the campaign –  without wasting a single penny of Ellesse’s outdoor advertising budget – is all down to the planning flexibility now available to digital OOH agencies. Creatives can be amended in real-time, delivered remotely to designated sites, and precisely targeted at the people central to the campaign brief with near-instant speed, granting advertisers the agility to respond to new opportunities, protect their brand and maximise the resonance of their assets.

OOH Yes and Kong Media are at the vanguard of this out-of-home revolution, with the example of Ellesse a testament to outdoor’s evolution as both a reactive and proactive media platform brands can trust.