OOH Yes has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting exciting newcomers in the OOH market with the launch of its latest campaign, featuring brand new Digital Van displays with AdVanGo.

Known as BrandPods, the new vans grant brands the opportunity to reach and engage crowds with three large, high definition digital screens along carefully planned routes. Adil Jabbar, the company’s managing director, saw the need for such an innovation: “when we were designing our three sided LED trucks, we quickly realised that media products of the same nature dramatically varied in quality.”

“A huge part of creating a successful OOH campaign is having great visuals and an even better platform to showcase them on. So, in our early stages we spent valuable time and resources finding the best P4 LEDs, whilst at the same time building a truck that could not only showcase visuals with impeccable quality, but also one that had a sleek and eye catching design – something that hadn’t been done before.”

Working with rejuvenated sportswear giant Ellesse to amplify awareness of its first ever London store in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, OOH Yes recognized the considerable potential of the AdVanGo product to provide extra cover and create a buzz around the store’s grand opening. With little time to prepare, the collaboration tapped into digital out-of-home’s capacity for flexible planning to implement a quick turnaround at the last minute, delivering an incisive campaign that proved to be very successful for the brand.

AdVanGo OOH Yes Ellesse

As a newcomer to the thriving digital out-of-home market, AdVanGo has experienced a slow start in its efforts to gain traction. Indeed, according to Jabbar, “entering the OOH industry was a difficult and daunting experience, especially with the amount of red tape and “big agencies politics” surrounding the industry.”

With the forward-thinking OOH Yes now on board as a trusted partner, however, both parties look forward to bringing this unique proposition to brands seeking new and innovative ways to engage their customers; a proposition that also supplies advertisers with “the ability to track, monitor and push content in real time.”

Commenting on the new relationship, OOH Yes founder George Rossides said: “OOh Yes is always looking to support new media owners that are bringing new formats into the OOH & Digital OOH arena. We are a fully independent specialist offering a media neutral recommendation to all brands and are committed to delivering the best and most cutting-edge advertising campaigns for our clients.”

Jabbar is equally positive about the future with OOH Yes as support: “George is a genuine and transparent professional who has a real interest in the growth of new and innovate media owners and the OOH industry. He has gone out of his way to provide us with industry knowledge and expertise that can only be obtained by being in the industry for as long as he has.”

“We would genuinely recommend new and well established media owners alike to collaborate with OOH Yes; they are definitely at the forefront of the evolving DOOH space and are applying a new and remodelled approach to an industry that is heavily controlled.”