Think OOH advertising is out of reach for your local business? Think again.

The OOH medium has entered a new era. By embracing the digital wave, it continues to grow in the face of expanding online competition. As it evolves, OOH simultaneously preserves its unique characteristics- trustworthy, ‘always on’, cost-effective and a mass reach medium (reaching 98% of the population per week). Thus, it has understandably remained the point of call for many advertisers, who recognise its exclusive benefits.

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Perhaps, it is the assumption that big billboards equal big cost that is off-putting to small businesses wishing to advertise locally. In actuality, OOH’s extensive range of creative formats and its mass exposure make it a cost-efficient medium, equipped to cater to all budgets. Ensuring minimal wastage is key, so OOhyes plan tactically to make certain that campaigns are truly tailored; situated only where necessary. Take our campaign for Same Day Doctor, displayed on pharmacy bags to hit only the most relevant audience.

Technological advances offer greater opportunity for targeting and waste prevention, as advertisements can be shown only when it really matters to your brand (think commuter hours or hot weather), hitting the applicable audience whilst bringing costs down.

Why does OOH work for local businesses? Because it is RELEVANT. It applies to those who are seeing it, so they pay attention. It is an affordable and effective way to deliver information to the right people. Most importantly, it works to establish brand recognition where it matters, generating familiarity (and so trust) with your brand image. Seeing the same advertisement for plumbing services everyday will naturally establish that service as the first point of call whenever it might be required.

It’s distinguishing factor? Outdoor advertising cannot be swiped, skipped, or switched off, working against the direction of most advertising mediums in the digital sphere. Rather than an interruption, OOH stands as a welcome distraction from the grey of everyday. New digital capabilities enable exciting opportunities, keeping OOH in touch with the ever-expanding digital world. There is a reason that it stands as the only traditional media continuing to grow, as others give way to proliferating online competition.

Quite simply, there has never been a better time to advertise locally using OOH media, as time spent outside the home increases. OOhyes wants to help local businesses be heard. With over 20 years’ experience and working relationships with over 240 media suppliers, we are equipped to deliver bespoke campaign solutions (combining the power of classic OOH with the tactical engagement techniques afforded by DOOH) to any audience, at any budget.

Whether your local business has a marketing plan prepared, or is taking its first steps into outdoor advertising, OOhyes is committed to delivering an innovative campaign strategy that meets any objective.